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With a catalogue of close to 6,000 “tracks”, we can fulfill any demand for any purpose at all.


Whether it’s Toyota, Honda, Lenscrafters, or Nike, HBO, Warner Bros. or CBS, we have it.


Directors from Bernardo Bertolucci to Oliver Stone, Rainer Werner Fassbinder to Michael Moore or Terrence Mallick often-times come back for more, we are pleased to say.


Our recordings present music from more than forty countries, ranging from ancient to contemporary styles. If it’s Gregorian Chant or Australian didjeridu, Chopin or J.S. Bach, Minimalism or Romantic, we have it, and that means you can use it with minimal bureaucracy, only the paperwork you really need and comprehensive consultation as might be required (some know exactly what they are looking for, others like to browse through the catalogue to fill a few gaps).


About 80% of our catalogue can be approved the very first time you contact us while you are still on the phone or by e-mail with no delay; in a few instances, other copyright holders might have to be involved but we would assist as required to get it done quickly.


We are active in Europe, Australia and North America, so time difference is not an issue with us.


Some repertoire aspects need a specific level of individual care: If it’s a major religion or faith, we probably have it covered. From Christian (both Catholic and Protestant), to Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim, we have high-quality recordings edited with an unusual degree of care and attention to detail. Our award-winning edition “The Music of Islam”, to mention just one major project, has almost twenty hours of vocal and instrumental expressions from all major Muslim countries, from Tunisia to Indonesia.


Celestial Harmonies, div. of Mayflower Music Corp. has been in business since 1972. The company is affiliated with German music company E.R.P. Musikverlag Eckart Rahn of Berlin.


E.R.P. has been in business since 1968, making it one of the oldest, if not the oldest, independent music companies dating from the 1960s, still being operated day-by-day by the founder, with no change of ownership and a catalogue of app. 8,000 copyrights held, both recordings and compositions.


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