the project

The reputation of flutist, Paul Horn is a traveler and searcher, in spirit as well as in body. He has endeavored to find inspirational locations to record his largely improvised pieces. Long before it became fashionable, Paul Horn was traveling within the Soviet Union, sharing his musical gift with responsive and appreciative audiences. This recording came during Horn's eighteen concert tour of the USSR in August of 1983. It is historic for it was done during the difficulty of a Soviet regime, in a city that was to become a herald of the sovereignty movement that ultimately liberated Lithuania and the other republics.

During Horn's many stops, he was continually looking for just the right spot for another on-location recording. He found it in the 17th century Kazamieras Cathedral in Vilnius, which in 1983 served as a museum. Horn discovered the cathedral possessed a superb reverberation equal in decay time to the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Late one night, when the huge church sat quite and empty, Horn sat beneath the 80-foot high dome, and for two hours let his spirit flow out through his music.

Horn is magical on a variety of wind instruments. During the evening, he played the C flute and alto flute, and for the first time in the Inside series, he added the bass flute and saxophone. The music he captured on Inside the Cathedral is truly inspiring. It is peaceful, sweet, loving and emotional.