Das Titelstück - eine impressionistische Pianoimprovistaion - bringt rüber, was gemeint ist: Der Spieler wird zum Zeugen eines musikalischen Prozesses, der sich wie von selbst entwickelt. Zuvor begegnen wir jedoch im ersten Stück „Mandala“ den erstaunlichen Klängen des „präparierten Klaviers“. Wie John Cage verändert Pianist und Komponist Hamel den Klang durch zwischen die Saiten geklemmte Papier- oder Holzstückchen, und man glaubt, ein balinesisches Gamelan-Orchester zu hören. Andere Kompositionen auf Synthesizer oder Orgel sind minimalistisch-meditativ (Trance-Induktion). Stets wiederkehrende, leicht variierte Melodien in einem vielstimmigen Gewebe.

the project

Let it Play is a compilation of pieces by Peter Michael Hamel for piano, prepared piano, pipe organ, and electronic keyboards. In addition to two previously unissued compositions, this album includes some of the finest selections from Hamel's earlier releases, Transition (12063-2), Colours of Time/Bardo (12046-2). Hamel's compositional style is influenced by a musical philosophy based on the thinking of Swiss philosopher Jean Gebser, Hamel's own studies of Tibetan and Indian musical cultures, and his interest in the inter-relationship between music and human consciousness. Let it Play is a superb collection from this profound composer and respected artist.

the artist

Award–winning artist and composer, Peter Michael Hamel, has written music for stage, radio plays, and silent movies, as well as orchestral pieces and an opera. In addition to receiving formal musical training in Munich, where he also studied psychology and sociology, Hamel spent time in Asia exploring the Eastern musical traditions. He has authored a book entitled Through Music to the Self which discusses the effects on the human psyche of various Far Eastern improvisational techniques, relating them to Western music's harmonic approach.

Hamel's focus on the meditative and spiritual qualities of music, his interest in new improvisational techniques, and his decisive talent as a musician and composer are evident in this collection of masterpieces.




1 Mandala (Opening) from Transition (12063-2) 7'32"
2 Let it Play (Part 1) from Transition (12063-2) 7'19"
3 The Yellow Sound previously unreleased 5'26"
4 Colours of Time (Part 2) from Colours of Time/Bardo (12046-2) 18'03"
5 Bardo from Colours of Time/Bardo (12046-2) 15'25"
6 Einklang previously unreleased 10'04"
7 Let it Play (Part 2) from Transition (12063-2) 5'36"
8 Mandala (Closing) from Transition (12063-2) 2'40"
  Total Time:   72'58"