Mit weichen, orchestralen Synthesizerklängen malt Jon Mark ein romantisches Bild maurischer Kultur, möchte aber auch (im letzten Teil) an die Grausamkeit der Konquistadoren und die vielen Opfer des Fanatismus erinnern.

the project

Aromatic flavors of Spain and Islam commingle in Alhambra, soul-stirring music inspired by the fabulous palace that stands as a massive monument to the Moors of Africa and medieval invaders who ultimately brought their exotic richness to the southern plains of Iberia. The music of Jon Mark soars as high as the massive outer walls of the palace-fortress Alhambra, and sings as intricately as the elaborate mosaics that grace the inner walls. His melodies create the calm of the fountained courtyards and the clarity of the cloudless sky reflected in their pools. His impressions can be as delicate as a petal of a flower or as majestic as the Alhambra itself.

On his synthesizer, Jon Mark brings alive the legends of the Alhambra, its walls echoing with the exotic sounds of Moorish Spain. The rhythms are undeniably Andalusian; the richness is undeniably Jon Mark—passionate, graceful and sweeping.

the artist

A top English session musician in the 60s, Jon Mark played with everyone from The Rolling Stones and Marianne Faithfull, to blues sensation John Mayall. As the decade came to a close, the vocalist, composer, and guitarist began exploring the potential of jazz rock fusion as co-leader of the highly influential Mark-Almond band. After the group dispersed in the late 70s, Mark moved to New Zealand.




1 Alhambra 10'42"
2 Arabesque (Night of the Gypsies) 8'14"
3 The Court of the Kings 5'55"
4 Coming of the Moors 8'33"
5 The Infantas 6'19"
6 Sirocco 6'31"
7 Glory of Spain 4'53"
8 The Garden 3'40"
  The Triology of the Innocent Ones:  
9 Innocenti 4'45"
10 Conquistadors 5'57"
11 Requiem 4'40"
  Total Time: 70'45"