In die Stille der Nacht hinein, fernab aller Ortschaften in der Felsenlandschaft von New Mexico, improvisiert der Flötenvirtuose im Freistil zwischen Zen und Avantgarde, seinem Echo lauschend. Einmalig.

the project

Echo Canyon, as its name implies, provided its own magical reverberation for the recording. The crickets, the birds, and the small rock slides combine with the natural acoustics of the canyon to create an incredible mood, enhancing the remarkable solo performances of the renowned James Newton.

Newton journeyed to the remote Echo Canyon in the Carson National Forest of north central New Mexico in September of 1984. It was a daunting location for a recording. The nearest civilization is the little town of Abiquiu, where American artist Georgia O'Keefe made her home. No power was available for recording devices, so the producer, employing a technique never before used, hiked into the canyon with a digital recorder powered by motorcycle batteries.

Over several moonlit nights, Newton let the haunting and spiritual Echo Canyon inspire his improvisations. His inspirations led him from his classical training, through his own African American jazz traditions, and across the globe to Oriental influences reminiscent of the Japanese bamboo shakuhachi. Newton says he was "thinking about the flute as an instrument found in all world cultures, and in relation to many kinds of world folk music."

the artist

James Newton is a highly literate contemporary composer and award–winning flutist. His style is bright, modern, and intellectual, yet his performances spring from deep in his heart. Both Echo Canyon and In Venice (13030) highlight one of America's most widely recognized flutists and composers. Listening to the originality and perfection in these performances, it is easy to see why James Newton, year after year, wins the Down Beat Critics and Readers Polls. His solo flute soars to majestic heights, leading the listener on enthralling journeys of consciousness.




1 Echo Canyon 6'44"
2 O'Keeffe 4'50"
3 Ise 5'33"
4 Kamakura 7'55"
5 Land of Enchantment 5'43"
6 Nocturne #1 6'29"
7 Ritual Distance 6'54"
8 Nocturne #2 4'44"
9 Firebreath 4'55"
  Total Time: 53'10"