the project

In Lands I Never Saw marks the first time David Friedman and David Samuels (Double Image), have recorded together since 1979. It is a sterling showcase, not only for the impressive talents of these two men, but for the innovative, immediately recognizable sound that brought them international accolades back in the 1970s—the bell–like tones of the metal vibraphone blending with the earthy tones of the wooden marimbaphone; the complex interweaving lines emerging with a transparent simplicity of effect.

It is a strictly duo instrumental album, with very few overdubs; no bass or drums to mark time and no strings or horns for background. In this demanding adventurous context, Friedman and Samuels distill their distinctive vibes/marimba sound, masterfully demonstrating the spectrum of colors these two relatively underexposed mallet instruments are capable of achieving. In many respects, Double Image is a duo that sounds like an orchestra.

The music itself has a global feeling to it, at times suggestive of Egypt, Arabia, Bali, Africa, Mexico, and the Orient. The pieces are immediately accessible yet intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying. A nearly perfect balance exists between the compositional structures and the often dazzling improvisations. There is an emotional cohesiveness about In Lands I Never Saw in which we hear intelligence, lyricism, and warmth—all seamlessly blended into a single sonic tapestry.

the artists

In 1974, David Friedman and David Samuels formed the Mallet Duo in New York, performing there and in Europe. With bassist Harvie Swartz and drummer Michael DiPasqua, they formed Double Image in 1976 and recorded several albums. In 1979, the group disbanded, and Friedman and Samuels successfully pursued separate careers. They renewed their personal and musical friendship in 1984, and in late 1985 recorded In Lands I Never Saw, a release which embodies the depth, scope, and skill acquired by these musicians during more than six years of independent maturation.


1 In Lands I Never Saw 8'16"
2 Midnight Star/Starburst 7'12"
3 Orient Point 9'49"
4 Dusk 6'31"
5 Ki 5'58"
6 Desert Rounds 7'39"
7 Woodbell 7'23"
  Total Time: 53'18"