Keyboard. Klaviatur des Lebens. „Piano Music from Celestial Harmonies“. Florian Fricke, Begründer der Gruppe Popol Vuh, dreht sacht den ersten Schlüssel um. Hans Otte spielt aus seinem „Buch der Klänge“, Peter Michael Hamel stimmt mit „Transpersonal“ auf die darauf folgende Musik des armenischen Mystikers Gurdjieff ein. Virtuoser ist der Russe Alexander Scryabin, gespielt von Cecil Lytle. Und Terry Rileys Albionische Klavier-Harfe schließlich die Synthese? In jedem Fall eine Compilation von Klavierwerken, wo die Tasten zu Schlüssel werden. Mal probieren?

the project

Keys of Life represents the finest of contemporary piano music. This release offers an excellent sampler of the music of Celestial Harmonies' most celebrated artists. According to Stephen Hill and Anna Turner from Music From the Hearts of Space,
Keys of Life is an elegant collection of solo piano music selected with great care and understanding from the Celestial Harmonies releases.

Without any intellectual pretensions toward doing so, Keys of Life documents the twentieth century European post-Romantic attempt at the direct stimulation of consciousness (rather than emotion) through music. From Cecil Lytle's sensitive performance of six miniatures by Russian mystic composer Alexander Skryabin, through the enormously dignified pan-Eurasian temple music of G.I. Gurdjieff and his pupil Thomas de Hartmann, to the latest just intonation piano experiments of Terry Riley, we hear a living artistic tradition unfolding through time. Florian Fricke's spacious and beautiful Spirit of Peace, Hans Otte's hypnotic, delicate music from The Book of Sounds, and the rippling, minimalistic patterns of Peter Michael Hamel's Transpersonal complete the collection. For those who appreciate clarity, intelligence, and the unique aesthetic world of refined subtlety, Keys of Life will completely satisfy.

Listeners will enjoy this beautiful combination of styles and artists that celebrates music as the key to life.


  Florian Fricke from In the Gardens of Pharao/Aguirre (13008)  
1 Spirit of Peace, Part 1   3'34"
  Spirit of Peace, Part 2   7'26"
  Hans Otte    
2 The Book of Sounds, Part 7 from The Book of Sounds (11069) 8'38"
  Peter Michael Hamel    
3 Transpersonal from Transition (12063) 9'38"
  Herbert Henck    
  Composed by George I. Gurdjieff and Thomas de Hartmann    
4 Hymns from a Great Temple from Hymns from a Great Temple (Wergo Spectrum SM 1035/36) 9'04"
  Hymn 1   4'14"
  Hymn 2   3'21"
  Hymn 3   1'29"
  Cecil Lytle    
  Composed by Alexander Scryabin    
5 Prélude Op. 74 No. 1 from Cecil Lytle's unreleased complete piano recordings 1'00"
  Prélude Op. 74 No. 2 of Scryabin's Piano works 1'50"
  Prélude Op. 74 No. 4   1'42"
  Prélude Op. 17 No. 6   1'12"
  Prélude Op. 32 No. 1   3'39"
  Prélude Op. 65 No. 2   1'48"
  Terry Riley    
6 The New Albion Chorale from The Harp of New Albion (14018) 11'17"
  Total Time:   61'56"