Für die 12 Tierkreiszeichen ließ sich der Perkussionist Einiges einfallen. Er baute sogar neue Schlaginstrumente. Die Gongs, Glocken, Klangschalen, Bambushölzer und Flöten führen jedes Sternzeichen auf eigene Weise in die Stille.

the project

Zodiac, Frank Perry's third Celestial Harmonies album, showcases twelve compositions for bells and gongs, one piece for each sign of the zodiac. In addition to oriental bells, Tibetan bells, singing bowls, invocation cymbals, and whistling bowls, nearly all of which came from ancient Buddhist temples, Perry also plays a variety of instruments he designed and built himself—bamboo, stone and bell chimes, a four–foot bamboo flute, and richly vibrating harmonic sound–discs called petalumines, ranging from four to sixteen inches in diameter.

Most Western musical compositions are linear, designed for aesthetic entertainment, and based upon equally tempered scales. By contrast, Perry's music is expansively non–linear, based upon revolving patterns of pulsating, intertwining harmonic overtones, designed to awaken one's deepest and highest universal consciousness.

the artist

British composer and percussionist, Frank Perry, is a meditator, astrologer, numerologist, psychic medium, symbolist, and mystic. He once played dissonant, nearly chaotic free jazz with pianist Keith Tippett; however, as he became more involved with meditation and Eastern philosophy, he began acquiring his present collection of nearly four hundred bells and gongs. The changes in his music reflect the changes in his evolving inner life.

Responding to the psychic environment within us all, Perry purposely selects instruments which are rich in harmonic resonation qualities and capable of sonic durations that sustain sometimes for minutes on end. Perry's music emerges from the universal silence which underlies all of creation, exteriorizes profound states of higher consciousness, and recedes back into silence. His sonic textures are exquisitely subtle, psychically potent, deeply contemplative, and extraordinarily beautiful.




1 Part 1: Aries 3'40"
2 Part 2: Taurus 4'30"
3 Part 3: Gemini 5'49"
4 Part 4: Cancer 3'13"
5 Part 5: Leo 4'09"
6 Part 6: Virgo 5'08"
7 Part 7: Libra 2'10"
8 Part 8: Scorpius 2'59"
9 Part 9: Sagittarius 4'43"
10 Part 10: Capricornus 2'14"
11 Part 11: Aquarius 5'16"
12 Part 12: Pisces 3'10"
  Total Time: 47'49"