Shakespeare, Trompete und Kirchenorgel – wie das zusammengeht, demonstrieren die beiden Briten Ian Carr (Trompete/Flügelhorn) und Jazzpianist John Taylor. Die große Orgel der Londoner Southwark-Kathedrale – Shakespeare hat sie als Gemeindemitglied sicher gehört – spiegelt in ihrem Klangreichtum die vielschichtige Bühnenwelt des Dramatikers wider. Carrs melodische Improvisationen lassen sich durch die oft komplexen Empfindungen der Charaktere inspirieren.

the project

Sounds & Sweet Airs is an enchanting organ, trumpet, and flügelhorn recording that carries the listener to another place and time. Sounds & Sweet Airs was recorded in Shakespeare's boyhood parish church (Southwark Cathedral) which is located on the south bank of the River Thames in London, England. The small and beautifully designed interior of the cathedral provided an intimate atmosphere in harmony with the nature of the recording. The historical significance of this location blends together the talents of two masterful artists, William Shakespeare and Ian Carr, one past and one present.

In SOUNDS & SWEET AIRS Carr combined the melodic timbre of the trumpet and flügelhorn with the organ, played by John Taylor, as they recorded each selection between the hours of midnight and dawn on May 21, 1992. In Ian Carr's own words, "all the pieces were inspired by words from Shakespeare and this—plus several hours spent at dead of night in that magnificent environment—made the whole experience a very powerful one." Carr conceived the idea for each selection from Shakespeare's plays. The title, Sounds & Sweet Airs, was taken from The Tempest.

the artist

Ian Carr

Sounds & Sweet Airs brings together internationally renowned artists, Ian Carr and John Taylor. Ian Carr was not only a great musician, but a considerable literary figure. He was widely known for his masterful biographies of Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett. In 1969, he formed the group Nucleus which won first prize at the Montreux International Jazz Festival and is also remembered for pioneering jazz-rock-fusion. In August 1982, Carr received the Calabria award for his outstanding contribution in the field of jazz. He also worked on a filmed biography of Miles Davis, a BBC/American TV co-production, but still found time to teach music to the children of London's inner city. Ian Carr died on February 25, 2009, having suffered from Alzheimer's disease. A memorial service was held at Golders Green Crematorium in London the following month.

John Taylor, a world-class jazz pianist, has toured extensively and appeared in many festivals. He is self-taught on the piano and has worked with many bands including his own trio, Azimuth. His music has influenced many prospective artists in developing his noteworthy lyrical style. Taylor brought this style and sensitivity to the cathedral organ in this recording, for an unforgettable performance.

Another great influence in this recording is producer, Jon Hiseman, who has studied the violin and the piano and is self-taught on drums, where he is known for his tremendous power and stamina. His energy also extends to the business side of music. He founded the New Jazz Orchestra and owns his own record company, which includes a twenty-four track recording studio as well as a music publishing company.



1 A Sea Change Rich and Strange 6'20"
2 Lulled in These Flowers With Dances and Delight 5'51"
3 The Sacred Radiance of the Sun 8'31"
4 Alas Poor Yorick 2'56"
5 The Prince of Darkness is a Gentleman 7'45"
6 Come Unto These Yellow Sands 6'26"
7 We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On 3'06"
8 There is a Willow Grows Aslant a Brook 7'16"
9 Sounds and Sweet Airs 1'32"
10 Soft Stillness and the Night 3'47"
11 Such Sweet Sorrow 5'17"
12 Requiem: The Rest is Silence 3'35"
  Total Time: 62'22"