Auf der nebelumhüllten Isle of Lewis, an der Nordwestküste Schottlands, stehen unbewegt seit Jahrtausenden die Steinkreise, das „schottische Stonehenge“. Marks Synthesizerkompositionen spiegeln in ihren wiederkehrenden melodischen Themen und Harmonien die strenge und geheimnisvolle Anordnung der Felsblöcke. Kein Ton zuviel oder zuwenig. Atmosphärisch dichte Musikkontemplation. Ästhetisch-stimmiges Begleitheft.

the project

Off the northwest coast of Scotland on the Isle of Lewis, rise the Standing Stones of Callanish. The main ring of these stones is often called the Scottish Stonehenge. The importance and purpose of the stones is not known. Theories suggests possibilities such as a transducer for healing energy, an astronomical observatory, a place of sun-moon worship, or an entryway to places that exist in Celtic myth.

Jon Mark's The Standing Stones of Callanish conveys the mystery and otherworldly quality of these stones. The melodies have a gentle Celtic quality and repeating themes drift dreamily through various harmonic backgrounds. The music is intelligently constructed and deeply inspired. Using synthesizers, Jon Mark creates a delicate and rich orchestral sound that seems to arise directly from the misty Isle of Lewis, the hallowed site of the Standing Stones of Callanish.

the artist

In the 1960s, Jon Mark was a session guitarist for such notables as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, and Jeff Beck. He also produced Marianne Faithfull's first five albums. In 1970, he founded the renowned Mark-Almond Band with reedman John Almond. They produced such hits as The City, The Ghetto, One Way Sunday, and What Am I Living For? Those familiar with the songs of the Mark-Almond Band will notice similar qualities in the music on The Standing Stones of Callanish. Jon Mark identifies those qualities as "gentle, soft, introspective, smooth, and somewhat sentimental and melancholy at times."

Born in Cornwall, England, Jon Mark has always been drawn to Celtic music and mythology. His upbringing took place near the actual site of The Standing Stones of Callanish. He continues to compose vocal music and points out that this all-instrumental release is not meant to be new age, old age, or any age, but is a natural extension of who he is. It attests, in fact, to his creative spirit and his willingness to give life to all the music that is within him.




1 Chloe's Day 6'24"
2 Blessed Land 5'05"
3 The Eye of the Hawk 5'09"
4 Mist on the Morning Hills 3'53"
5 The Standing Stones of Callanish 6'07"
6 The Raven in the Oak Tree 5'27"
7 The Stag, the Running Stream and the Greenwood 4'03"
8 Coming of the North Wind 4'00"
9 Autumn Leaves Fall One by One 3'30"
10 A Winter's Story by the Firelight 3'04"
11 The Leaving 3'49"
12 Soft Light, Still Water 2'55"
13 Journey Across the Crystal Sea 5'27"
14 Remembering 5'49"
  Total Time: 61'39"