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Celestial Harmonies
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14 musikalische „Beweise der Freundschaft“ zwischen dem Türken Omar und Brian aus Philadelphia. Die beiden bekannten professionellen Musiker zelebrieren den ost-westlichen "Feuertanz". Türkischer Gesang, Synthesizer, orientalische und westliche Instrumente - insgesamt ruhig fließend.

the project

Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek first combined forces on Keane's soundtrack to Süleyman the Magnificent (13023), a film about the great Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The score, a stunning blend of exotic Turkish instruments and innovative orchestrations, created quite a stir when Celestial Harmonies released the music on a 1988 album by the same title. Although the American guitarist and Turkish multi–instrumentalist hail from very different worlds and backgrounds, they developed a close musical rapport that has since led to another cross–cultural collaboration. Fire Dance is a spirited blend of Middle Eastern and North African instruments, synthesizers, and guitars, supported by sophisticated arrangements and studio techniques.

A natural progression from Süleyman the Magnificent (13023), the focus of this new album has been expanded beyond Turkey to include music from North Africa, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern and Arabic sources. For instance, Song of the Pharaohs combines Tekbilek's haunting solos on the flute-like ney with windchime flourishes, distant horns, ethereal synthesizers, and the voices of strangers to create a mystical impression of the distant time of the ancient pharaohs. A Passage East is a showcase for both the Turkish musician's impeccable percussion and Keane's superb guitar chops. Halay is a joyous celebration of driving rhythms and uplifting melodies. Other selections feature the oud (similar to the lute), the zurna (similar to the oboe), and a colorful array of percussion instruments in artful alliance with the best ideas the West has to offer. Fire Dance is an adventure in musical transformation by two consummate musicians who bridge traditions with grace and innovation.

the artist

Omar Faruk Tekbilek began playing professionally at the age of twelve. Establishing himself as one of the top Turkish studio musicians in the 1960s, he later toured Europe and the United States as one of the world's foremost performers of traditional Middle Eastern music. His appearances with jazz musicians Don Cherry and Karl Berger, and his work on numerous film and TV scores attest to his leadership status among contemporary Middle Eastern musicians.

Brian Keane is a guitar virtuoso who has shared the stage with the likes of Larry Coryell, Bobby McFerrin, Paco de Lucia, Joe Pass, and others. An award–winning producer, composer, and orchestrator, he has scored more than forty films and produced over two dozen albums.

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1 Somewhere in the Sahara 2'30"
2 Oglan Boyun 5'11"
3 A Call to Prayer 5'20"
4 Desert Twilight 5'11"
5 A Passage East 3'06"
6 Song of the Pharaohs 5'57"
7 Beledy 5'27"
8 Fire Dance 5'27"
9 Ask 6'24"
10 Village Song 4'16"
11 Modern Mystics 2'59"
12 Sahara (Reprise) 1'16"
13 Spirit of the Ancestors 5'31"
14 Halay 5'56"
  Total Time: 65'04"