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Celestial Harmonies
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Die sechsköpfige Gruppe aus Sonora, Nord-Mexiko, lässt in ihrer überzeugenden Synthese aus Indio-Traditionen, mexikanischer Volksmusik und eigenen Kompositionen Mythen lebendig werden. Ihr Name ist Programm: Prinzessin Khenany verliebte sich in einen spanischen Konquistadoren. Der Vogelgott schützte das Liebespaar vor den Spaniern und den Indios, indem er Khenany in einen Bambussprössling und den Spanier in einen Armadillopanzer verwandelte. Ein Dichter machte daraus eine Bambusflöte und eine Charango, zwei Hauptinstrumente der Indiomusik.

the project

Khenany is an exotic fusion of traditional Andean instruments and the upbeat tempo characteristic of northern Mexico where the group has its roots. The release is entirely instrumental allowing the primitive and powerful sounds of joy, lament, hardship, and celebration to stand alone. Listeners will admire Khenany's mastery of unusual instruments such as the charango (a mandolin made with armadillo skin) and savor the powerful execution of traditional Andean rhythms.

Khenany's name originates from the legend of Princess Khenany, who married a Spanish conquistador without the consent of the Spaniards or her Andean tribe. The Princess prayed to the Bird God (Lambayeque) for assistance to escape from those who contested the marriage and who were pursuing them. The Bird God helped them to go unnoticed by transforming Princess Khenany into a bamboo shoot and the conquistador into an armadillo. Later, a Spanish poet carved the bamboo shoot into a flute and made a charango out of the armadillo. Khenany preserves all the spirituality and enchantment of the legend for which it was named, and reveals the lamentations and pleasures experienced by the Andean people.

the artists

Khenany consists of six musicians native to Sonora, Mexico: Hermilo Batista, Antonio Hernandez, Hector Ramirez, Alberto Luna, Conchita Garcia, and David Espinoza. As teenagers, they acquired a love of Andean music and were soon performing in Ciudad Obregon, Mexico. Initially, the group performed only South American music; however, the sounds of the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico soon became intermingled in their music. Khenany is the group's first release on the Celestial Harmonies label and they made a sensational debut with this album.

Steve Roach also contributed to the release, playing ambient percussion, bells, and shakers.With over a dozen recordings, Roach is recognized worldwide as one of America's pre–eminent synthesists and an innovator of contemporary electronic music.

KHENANY was produced by Brian Keane, a gifted composer and arranger. In addition to having produced over two dozen albums and scoring more than forty films, he performs and records his own music.


1 Kacharpari (Bolivian Mountain Song) 6'25"
2 Ceremonia In La Naturaleza (Ceremony in the Wilderness) 4'28"
3 Bonita (Pretty One) 5'17"
4 Danza Del Zikuri (Zikuri Dance #1) 2'38"
5 Cambita (Dance from Argentina) 2'34"
6 Mis Llamitas (My Little Llamas) 4'08"
7 La Sabanera (Columbian Festival Song) 3'07"
8 Rio Pucara-Amanece (Pucara River-Sunrise) 5'03"
9 La Partida (The Departure) 4'10"
10 Montes Ponku (Ponku Mountain) 3'20"
11 Dolencias (Anguish) 3'19"
12 Regreso A Casa (Returning Home) 2'24"
13 Cancion Prehispanica (Prehispanic Indian Song) 4'28"
14 Pajaro Campana-Huapango (Bell Bird-Huapango) 5'47"
  Total Time: 58'22"