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Celestial Harmonies
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* featured in Spy Game starring Robert Redford & Brad Pitt

Bertoluccis Film "The Sheltering Sky" (90) lieferte Inspirationen zu dieser atmosphärisch dichten, magischen Klangwelt, die elektronische mit vorderorientalischer und spanischer Musik verbindet. Atemberaubend virtuoses Spiel auf Gitarren, orientalischen Saiten-, Blas- und Perkussionsinstrumenten.

the project

The soulful and spirited music of Beyond the Sky transports the listener to exotic regions of the Mediterranean, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. This collaboration brings back the symbiotic duo of Brian Keane and Omar Faruk Tekbilek, along with three other remarkable musicians. Together, they navigate a timeless path of mystery, excitement and energy, dense with the imagery of an ancient landscape.

The exceptional interaction of the musicians produce a spontaneous emotion, on both the original pieces they wrote for this recording, and the traditional Middle Eastern melodies they adapted. There is a good deal of improvisation, based on modal and rhythmic cues, updating standard tunes perhaps a thousand years old. Amidst the Middle Eastern harmonies, the listener catches whiffs of Moroccan and even Afro–Cuban styles. Beyond the Sky weaves a Middle Eastern fusion of cultural influences.

the artists

Together again are music producer, composer, synthesist, and virtuoso guitarist Brian Keane, and Middle Eastern master musician and multi–instrumentalist Omar Faruk Tekbilek. A man of vast expertise, Tekbilek started early, performing in his native Turkey by age twelve, and studied under some of the greatest Turkish musicians. He now lives in New York, not only playing a wide variety of instruments, but building many himself. Brian also began his professional career at age twelve. His virtuosity on the guitar has made him popular as a soloist, and he has shared the stage with many performers, such as Larry Coryell, Paco de Lucia, and others. With Beyond the Sky, Keane and Tekbilek have created an even more adventurous follow–up to their two critically acclaimed recordings Süleyman the Magnificent (13023) and Fire Dance (13032).

They are joined on this recording by three outstanding musicians. Ara Dinkjian is one of the world's foremost performers on the oud, a guitar–like instrument. The son of a popular Armenian singer, Dinkjian began performing as a boy, and went on to earn a degree from Hartt School of Music in the United States. Arto Tuncboyaciyan is a native Armenian percussionist who also began performing as a child. Joining the project in his debut recording is a bright new talent, Hassan Isikkut, a dazzling performer on the kanun, a Middle Eastern harp–like instrument.

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discography - keane

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discography - tekbilek


1 Beyond the Sky 4'40"
2 Imaginary Traveler 6'08"
3 Kolaymi 5'16"
4 Bridge 5'36"
5 Chargah Sirto 2'33"
6 Your Love is My Cure 6'58"
7 Selemet 6'08"
8 Nighttime 6'03"
9 Strange Little Corner 2'18"
10 Siseler * 3'49"
11 Sweet Trouble 5'40"
12 Al Fatiha 3'20"
  Total Time: 59'11"